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    Topps Info

    Found this post on another site and thought it was pretty interesting!!!

    Topps latest conference call was today. It covered their 03 fiscal year.

    Here are the highlights or lowlights depending on your perspective.

    Not much on etopps other than they are happy with the growth. Stated 105,000 accounts and just over 30,000 buyers. Vague reference to the account merge that didnt make any sense to me based on the 105,000 and 30,00 number.

    Internet division (eTopps, Topps Vault, The Pit) lost less money this year. Down about $9-10 million over the last 2 years.

    Expect the entire internet division to bring in $15 million in fiscal 04 with the bulk of that coming from eTopps.

    Expect the internet divison to continue to operate at a loss in fiscal 04 but looking for eTopps part of internet division to "break even."

    Overall look for sports cards in general....ITS SUCKS!!!!!

    They will cut brands by 25% in 04.

    Going to focus on the brands that have the highest profit margin (no big shock there).

    Sounds like Fleer, according to Topps, is in really bad shape.

    Made a reference that 50% of card shops made less than $100,000 in sales last year.

    Sales were down 20% this year on top of a 20 some % drop last year.

    Claim that almost all of their products stay above cost and are not dumped while the majority of UD products are available below cost (I have no idea where that is coming from and doubt that it is true).

    Even with a reduction of brands by 25% they do not expect to be able to make as much in sports cards in 04 as they did in 03 (guided lower)

    If you can stomach all of the endless "baby Ring Pos, Mini-Sticker Album with gum, and Pokemon babble and question it is worth a listen.

    The overall hobby is is pretty bad shape and that isnt good for anybody.

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    I'm a hedge fund manager, and follow such companies. I like Topps as a value play in dire straights, but it's really in bad shape. I wouldn't invest or trade it now, except for shorting it.


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    you can alway Dollar cost average into and catch it on the way down too, right

    I interviewed with citistreet yesterday, i was not impressed, the VP didn't even know some of the major mutual funds that smith barney offers like managed muni's by joe deane which has put up great number for a bond fund and they were asking me some of the dumbest questions I ever heard of they mean the regional mgr and VP) I was not impressed and they mislead me into thinking they had immd openings.

    I am like I have like 3 years of managing money, I don't want to be a middle man hook up with the clients and send them off for someone to get the sales and the trails, If I had a choice I don't want a salary in exchange for higher % of the sales, I know my skills, and I still have over 8000 names and number that I still haven't contacted yet and almost 2 mill in AUM's if I decide to stay with the company I am with.

    they didn't even know they would have gotten a winner that is proven.

    licensed for 2years and got almost 2 million in aum's and about 10K in new money coming in each month a fund managers best friend right timmy, I know you love new money you can switch your postition with ease and without having to sell, IE richie freeman the fund god.

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    GIO - Dollar cost averaging would be a good choice for investors at this point. It does have potential, especially with their confectionary businesses (aside from trading cards and eTopps). That sucks about Citi, I've heard they've been getting a bunch of idiots in there who don't know what they hell they're doing. Good luck with getting a job. New money ALWAYS helps :)


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    I was like I want to work with people that I consider know more than me as I try to surround myself with folks that are smarter and more successful that way it increases my knowledge and success, because the other way around, I feel as though I am dead as I am always trying to improve.

    timmy what company are you with?

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    I agree, I like your reasoning.

    I work with VistaCapital, my own hedge fund in NJ. Looking to move my offices to NY one day. I will remain living in NJ, though.


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    that is cool dude is it hard work, it has to be what type of fund is it or what's the objective of the fund

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    I have been hoping that Topps brings back Garbage Pail Kids, starting with series 16, which they left off when they stopped.

    GPKs sell like hotcakes on Ebay.

    I put an auction for a set of 4th series, in decent shape, but not mint, for a buy-it-now price of $11, and it gets snatched up within a few hours.

    Try selling a sports cards in decent shape but not mint, lolol

    p.s. financial information put out by Topps are to be taken with a grain of salt. They, like ALL the companies of the NYSE, Nasdaq, and S&P, and Amex --- they all massage their earnings and other financial numbers.

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