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    Starting some new set's. Please help!!!

    05 Gridiron gear multi colored rookie jerseys #/100
    04 Topps pristine rookies
    04 Leaf Certified Materials rookie jerseys
    04 Fleer Sweet sigs rookies
    04 Skybox LE rookies #/150
    04 Hogg Heaven rookie jerseys

    Please check my trade list if you have anything.


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    check my list if you want. i have a few of those...

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    Saw this;

    Reggie Williams 2004 Topps Pristine Refractor /499

    Do you know bv? I've still got a Schaub elite rookie #/500

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    i got atleast a reggie williams sweet sigs....fitz you need them?

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    williams books $18. i think the schaub books $12. got anything else to add?

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    Gretzky- got a 04 showcase legacy Schaub #/125 if you could please check it's value.

    Monkey- Need the Williams sweet sigs. What is the Fitz numbered to, as i have a few of his.

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    Sorry already got two of them. Still need the reggie Williams though

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    is your proset emmitt in mint condition? dont need it if the corners aren't sharp and the edges with no wear...lmk....thats about all i would trade it for

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    04 Leaf Certified Materials rookie jerseys

    Do you mean "freshman fabrics" cards

    if so i have a rashaud woods/1250 (bv is 8) that i would unload for some "flashback" cards of that (lcm 2004) set of some low-end dolphins gu.

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