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Thread: Looking to Buy

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    Looking to Buy

    hey, kinda bored so i figured i'd see whats around. looking to buy autos. would like a link to look at because i'm not really into certain players, just anything that catches my eye. i can pay with paypal or whatever you want except check, lmk what you got, thanks.
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    baller4life-hey, not really into gu, lmk if you got some autos and ill take a look, thanks

    shino-hey, whats the bv on the bradley and cassell autos? lmk, thanks.
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    both BV $25, but would probably only like to trade the bradley.

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    shino-hey, basically ran out of trade bait, so i probably dont have anything you want, but you can take a look at my site in my sig for the bradley, how much for the cassell? lmk, thanks.
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    hey can check my page as well...i just got my other brandon lloyd in today (about to get a scan of it) a new roddy white rookie premiere auto in as me if interested in anything

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    theproudestmonkey-hey, just wondering which lloyd auto your going to keep, could use the power pick lloyd for my pc, please lmk if you can sell it, thanks.
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    id much rather keep the power pick since it is a college card...but it can be had for the right me an offer if you like....the sp is a nice card to...and #/100

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    didnt really see anything for the bradley. i will get back to you on the cassel

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