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Thread: back from card show

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    Exclamation back from card show

    Just got back from card show with cardking80 and got a
    2003 Willis Mcgahee Press Pass Bronze signature
    2003 Travis Henry Fleer Authentics jersey
    plmk what you would like I want anything in may sig and will only trade the willis for anthor willis Preferably jersey

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    lol! read my pm and i already told you i want to see if anyone else gives me another offer. lol

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    I have a couple of nice Josh Reeds
    02 Press Pass JE G/U Jersey #ed 094/500
    02 Fleer Focus Jersey Numbers #ed 70/82
    03 Playoof Prestige League Leaders Bledsoe/ Aaon Brooks #ed1571/2002
    01 pacific Private Stock PS 2001Travis Henry RC

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    i like the 02 Press Pass JE G/U Jersey #ed 094/500 plmk what u want. I have a bruce3 smith 2003 donruss classic VIP Membership jersey number to 400 that books 12 and chould find something else if that is not enough. i will send you a trade list soon or u could tell me a price.

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