if you have asked about my stuff before and i didnt like anything please dont ask again unless you have new stuff. im not looking for a bunch of cards for one of mine. here is the list with bvs or my bvs beside them. if you want to trade more then 2 cards for anything then the bv will be im my favor.

2004 leaf certifed mark prior jersey auto #/3 no bv i had an offer of 120 i turned down so im going to say 100ish
2005 bowman sterling black refractor josh fields auto jersey #/25 no bv looking40-50
2005 bowman chrome draft mark pawelek bccg 10 looking for 20ish bv
ron santo auto ball looking for 80-90bv
felix pie auto ball looking for 100sh bv
2005 absolute team quads mark prior 3 clr patch, mark grace 3clr patch,ron santo bat, andre dawson jersey #/10 looking for 80-90bv

2006 greats of the game nolan ryan auto no bv looking for 120 the guy its pending to hasnt responded in a few days so if we make a deal its yours

2006 topps triple threads jason bay auto dual jersey bv-25
2005 donruss greats jim thorpe jersey card bv-150 COME STRONG