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Thread: Selling these Rookies(CHEAP)

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    Selling these Rookies(CHEAP)

    They are cheap, tell me the ones you want and give me a price
    2004 Playoff Prestige RC Tommie Harris
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Reggie Brown
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Alex Smith(TE)
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Cedric Benson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Ronnie Brown
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Larry Brackins
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Justin Miller
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Cedric Benson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Red Parallel Willie Parker(I know its not his rookie year but it says rookie on the card)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Braylon Edwards
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Troy Williamson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Heath Miller
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Ronnie Brown
    2005 Topps Turkey Red RC Red Parallel Eric Shelton
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Brock Berlin
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Jonathan Babineaux
    2005 Topps Heritage Ryan Moats
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Courtney Roby
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Mike Williams
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Derek Anderson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Fred Gibson
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Kirk Morrison
    2005 Topps Heritage RC Vincent Jackson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Red Parallel Vincent Jackson
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Eric Shelton
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Aaron Rodgers (x2)
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Derrick Johnson
    2005 Bowman Chrome Josh Bullocks
    2005 Bowman Chrome Nick Collins
    2005 Topps Heritage Charlie Frye
    2005 Topps Heritage Vernand Morency
    2005 Topps Heritage Eric Shelton
    2005 Honors Vanguard RC Jerome Collins #d/50 bv 15
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Cadillac Williams
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Brandon Jacobs
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Darren Sproles
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Marion Barber
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Vernand Morency
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Alex Smith
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Scottie Vines
    2003 Fleer Authentix balcony Larry Johnson RC #d/250
    2005 Topps Turkey Red Eric Shelton RC
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Kirk Morrison #d/199
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Luis Castillo #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Marcus Spears #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Fred Gibson #d/1399
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Eric Moore
    2005 Bowmans Best RC David Greene
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Anttaj Hawthorne
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Erasmus James $1
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Kevin Burnett
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Fred Gibson (x2)
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Ryan Riddle (x2)
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Dan Cody
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Rian Wallace
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Matt Roth
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Ciatrick Fason
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Tab Perry
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC BRaylon Edwards
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Mike Williams
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Carnell "Cadillac" Williams
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Larry Brackins
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Charles Frederick
    2005 Playoff Prestige RC Andrew Walter
    2005 Bowman Chrome RC Manuel White
    2005 Bowman Gold RC Taylor Stubblefield
    2005 Bowman RC BRyan Randall
    2005 Bowman RC Ronald Bartell
    2005 Bowman RC Jon Goldsberry
    2005 Bowman RC Darren Sproles
    2005 Bowman RC David Pollack
    2005 Bowman RC Ciatrick Fason
    2005 Bazooka RC Frank Gore
    2005 Bazooka RC Alex Smith (QB)
    2005 Bazooka RC Airese Currie
    2005 Bazooka RC Courtney Roby
    2005 Bazooka RC Erasmus James
    2005 Bazooka RC Maurice Clauret
    2005 Bazooka RC Charlie Frye
    2005 Bazooka RC Terrence Murphy
    2005 Bazooka RC Justin Miller
    2005 Bazooka RC Mark Clayton
    2005 Bazooka RC Demarcus Ware
    2005 Bazooka RC Rodney White
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Airese Currie
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Frank Gore
    2005 Bazooka RC Blue Alex Smith $3
    2005 Bazooka RC Gold Troy Williamson
    2005 Bazooka RC Gold Alvin Pearman
    2005 Leaf R's and S's True Blue Alfred Fincher 13/50
    2005 Leaf R's and S's Dual Frank Gore Alex Smith (QB) Checklist
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Craig Bragg
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Airese Currie
    2004 Press Pass SE Gold Mike Williams
    2004 Press Pass SE Darius Watts
    2004 Press Pass SE Deangelo HAll
    2004 Press Pass SE Shawn Andrews
    2004 Press Pass SE Gold Cedric Cobbs
    2004 Press Pass SE ELI Manning
    2004 Press Pass SE Cody Pickett
    2004 Press Pass SE Old School Michael Jenkins
    1991 Pro Set Platinum Platinum Prospects Brett Favre RC
    2005 BOwman Chrome RC Kirk Morrison
    2005 BOwman Chrome RC Shaun Cody
    2002 Leaf R&S's Alex Brown
    2004 UD Star Rookie Nathan Vasher
    2003 UD Rookie Premiere Rex Grossman
    2005 Topps Rookie Derrick Johnson
    2005 Bowmans Best RC Justin Miller (x2)
    2005 Topps Rookie Marcus Maxwell
    2005 Bazooka Gold Cadillac Williams RC
    2005 Topps Rookie Dan Orlovsky
    2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars RC Jason CAmpbell/ Carlos Rogers Checklist
    2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Throwback Collection Jason Campbell/ Alex Smith RC
    1990 Score Rookie Junior Seau
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia blue spectrum Derrick Johnson RC card
    2001 UD MVP Rudi Johnson rookie x2
    2001 UD MVP Ladainian Tomlinson Rookie bv$7
    2000 Vanguard Rookie Jamal Lewis 710/762 bv$15
    2000 Collecters Edge Supreme Na'il Diggs foil 1 of 2000
    2001 Victory Rookies Todd Heap
    2001 UD MVP Alge Crumpler Rookie
    2001 Victory Rookies Lamont Jordan
    1997 UD Collectors choice Rookie Collection Ike Hilliard
    2001 UD MVP Koren Robinson Rookie
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Red spectrum LArry BRackins rookie
    2005 Topps Rookie Airese Currie
    2005 Topps Rookie Roscoe Parrish
    2005 Topps Rookie Donte Nicholson
    2005 Topps Rookie Vincent Jackson
    2002 Score Deion Branch RC
    2002 Donruss Rated Rookie Freddie Milons RC
    2005 Topps Dan Cody RC
    2001 Press Pass Freddie Mitchell Rookievision
    2005 Topps Chad Owens RC
    2000 Bowman Chad Morton RC
    2000 Bowman Scouts Choice Chad Pennington RC
    2003 UD Honor Roll Ken Dorsey RC
    2005 Topps RC Kyle Orton
    2002 Score RC Adrian Peterson
    1999 Edge Triumph Future Fantasy Team RC Edgerrin James
    2000 Topps Rc Laverneus Coles
    2001 Bowman RC Rudi Johnson
    2005 ESPN Primetime Prospects David Greene
    2005 ESPN Primetime Prospects Ryan Moats

    2005 Score RC's(If G then its glossy)
    Cadillac Williams
    Alex Smith
    Alex Smith G
    Antrell Rolle
    Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers G
    Mike Williams
    Matt Jones
    Charlie Frye
    Fabian Washington
    Derrick Johnson
    Heath Miller
    Mark Clayton
    Marlin Jackson
    David Pollack G
    Marcus Spears
    Roscoe Parrish
    Courtney Roby(x2)
    Carlos Rogers
    Shawne Merriman
    Craphonso Thorpe
    Fred Gibson(x2)
    Fred Gibson G
    J.J. Arrington
    Shaun Cody
    Jerome Mathis
    Vincent Jackson
    Maurice Clarett
    Eric Shelton
    Andrew Walter
    Ciatrick Fason
    Terrence Murphy
    Marion Barber III
    Dan Cody
    Thomas Davis
    David Pollack

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    interested in Cadillacs and Tomlinsons best dlvd price

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    What is the BV for the Larry Johnson RC #d/250 & what do you want for it?

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    also interested in the johnson...possibly others

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    bv of johnson is $25 and now I want everone to give me an offer w/ the cards they want thanks

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    I can pay $10 paypal for the Johnson or we can work out a trade or a part cash/part trade deal.

    I will attach a tradelist.


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    Heres my tradelist...

    1992 Score Manny Ramirez #800
    1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Alex Rodriguez #647
    1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Derrek Lee #645
    1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Michael Jordan #661
    1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Up Close & Personal Michael Jordan #635
    1998 Upper Deck SPx Magglio Ordonez #203 [serial numbered 0784/2500]
    1998 Upper Deck Magglio Ordonez #570
    1998 Topps Chrome Matt Holliday/Jeff Winchester #442
    1998 Bowman’s Best Carlos Lee #154
    1998 Upper Deck Carlos Lee #556
    2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks Conor Jackson #BDP162

    ***GAME USED***
    2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Josh Beckett JERSEY #BH-JB [serial numbered 078/225]
    2004 Topps Take Me Out To The Ball Game Jason Giambi JERSEY #TB-JGH
    2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Apparel Collection Carlos Delgado JERSEY #AC-CD
    2004 Flair Diamond Cuts Jose Reyes JERSEY #DC-JR
    2004 Flair Hot Numbers GOLD Jeff Bagwell JERSEY #HN-JEB [serial numbered 21/75]
    2004 Donruss World Series Jeff Bagwell BAT #WS-80 [serial numbered 033/100]
    2003 Playoff Prestige Infield/Outfield Tandems Bagwell JERSEY + Berkman Jersey #IT-5 [serial numbered 045/100]
    2005 Studio Portraits Lance Berkman #SP-36 [serial numbered 08/30]
    2003 Fleer Authentix Lance Berkman JERSEY #JA-LB [serial numbered 05/50]
    2003 Playoff Portraits Lance Berkman JERSEY #20 [serial numbered 086/100]
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials RED MIRROR Roy Oswalt JERSEY & BAT #166 [serial numbered 157/250]
    2004 Donruss Studio Players Collection Carlos Lee JERSEY WITH PINSTRIPE #PC-16 [serial numbered 29/50]

    2001 Fleer Genuine Reggie Wayne JERSEY #133 [serial numbered 0388/1000]
    2001 Bowman Chrome Senior Bowl Reggie Wayne JERSEY w/ refractor finish #BCR-RW
    2001 Pacific Private Stock Titanium Dan Morgan/Adam Archuleta DUAL JERSEY #10
    2003 Bowman Fabric of the Future Larry Johnson JERSEY #FA-LJ
    2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Larry Fitzgerald DUAL GAME USED (JERSEY + BALL) #201 [serial numbered 088/750]
    2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Mark Clayton DUAL GAME USED (JERSEY + BALL) #232 [serial numbered 744/750]
    2004 Leaf Certified Roy Williams JERSEY #217 [serial numbered 0548/1250]
    2004 Playoff Hogg Heaven Lee Evans JERSEY #157 [serial numbered 539/750]
    2004 Bowman Fabric of the Future Steven Jackson JERSEY with refractor finish #FF-SJ
    2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Swatches Steven Jackson JERSEY #SW-SJ
    2005 Topps DP&P Senior Standouts Marcus Spears JERSEY #SS-MS

    ***GAME USED***
    2001 Pacific Invinsible Derrick Mason JERSEY #241 [serial numbered 258/750]

    2004 Topps Pristine Lee Evans UNCIRCULATED BLUE REFRACTOR #111 [serial numbered 1034/1099]
    2004 Topps Pristine Bernard Berrian UNCIRCULATED GREEN REFRACTOR #61 [serial numbered 344/499]

    1998 Topps Stars BRONZE Fred Taylor #46 [serial numbered 8148/8799]
    1998 Upper Deck SPx Finite Az Hakim #261 [serial numbered 261]
    1999 Upper Deck SPx Antoine Winfield #96 [serial numbered 1695/1999]
    2001 Upper Deck Victory Steve Smith with SILVER/PLATINUM FINISH #323 [serial numbered 599/750]
    2001 Donruss Classics Reggie Wayne #126 [serial numbered 417/475]
    2001 Fleer Legacy Reggie Wayne #112 [serial numbered 693/999]
    2001 Topps Reserve Reggie Wayne #125 [serial numbered 213/999]
    2001 Topps Reserve Reggie Wayne #125 [serial numbered 680/999]
    2001 Pacific SILVER Reggie Wayne #493 [serial numbered 0592/1750]
    2001 Fleer Platinum Justin McCareins #216 [serial numbered 0987/2001]
    2002 Upper Deck SP Authentic Antonio Brown #204 [serial numbered 19/25]
    2002 Pacific Exclusive BLUE FOIL Joey Harrington #190 [serial numbered 108/299]
    2002 Fleer Boxscore Debut Andre Davis #10 of 15 BSD [serial numbered 1809/2002]
    2003 Upper Deck SPx Chris Simms #127 [serial numbered 1465/1500]
    2003 Upper Deck SPx Charles Rogers #163 [serial numbered 1451/1500]
    2003 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Charles Rogers #135 [serial numbered 036/600]
    2003 Topps GOLD Charles Rogers #355 [serial numbered 121/499]
    2003 Fleer Showcase Avant Charles Rogers #107 [serial numbered 095/125]
    2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Michael Clayton #81 [serial numbered 388/999]
    2004 Upper Deck SP Game Used Ernest Wilford #124 [serial numbered 091/425]
    2004 Upper Deck SP Game Used Devard Darling #194 [serial numbered 373/425]
    2005 Upper Deck SP Authentics Marviel Underwood #132 [serial numbered 434/750]
    2005 Upper Deck SPx Eric Green #129 [serial numbered 0128/1199]
    2005 Zenith Epix 3rd Down ORANGE Carnell Cadillac Williams #E-5 [serial numbered 264/400]

    1998 Upper Deck SPx RED Tony Gonzalez #233 [serial numbered 2416/5050]
    2005 Zenith Epix 2nd Down BLUE Carson Palmer #E-6 [serial numbered 218/400]

    1986 Topps Steve Young #374
    1989 Score Deion Sanders #246
    1996 Upper Deck SPx GOLD Marvin Harrison #SPX7
    1996 Upper Deck SPx SILVER Keyshawn Johnson #SPX32
    1997 Playoff Zone Derrick Mason #132
    1997 Playoff 1st & 10 Derrick Mason #243
    1998 Bowman Chrome INTERNATIONAL Az Hakim #193
    1998 Bowman Chrome Az Hakim #193
    1999 Topps Chrome Torry Holt #149
    1999 Topps Chrome Champ Bailey #160
    2000 Leaf Quantum Shaun Alexander #308
    2000 Score Shaun Alexander #283
    2001 Bowman Steve Smith #152
    2001 Topps Steve Smith #321 (X5)
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage Steve Smith/Dee Brown/Jarrod Cooper TRIO #283 (X2)
    2001 Pacific Vanguard BRONZE Reggie Wayne #13
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage Reggie Wayne #230
    2002 Score Antwaan Randle El #280
    2003 Bowman Larry Johnson #190
    2003 Bowman Carson Palmer #111
    2004 Topps Chrome Michael Clayton #170
    2004 Topps Steven Jackson #325
    2004 Topps DP&P Eli Manning #56

    1994 Upper Deck ELECTRIC Isaac Bruce #22
    1996 Playoff Prime SILVER Eddie Kennison #114
    1999 Fleer Ultra Caught in the Draft Daunte Culpepper #9 of 15 CD
    1999 Press Pass X’s & O’s Torry Holt #XO7
    2003 Fleer Ultra GOLD MEDALLION DIE-CUT Jason Witten #192
    2003 Fleer Ultra GOLD MEDALLION DIE-CUT Anquan Boldin #193
    2005 Press Pass Class of 2005 Andrew Walter #CL 8/9

    1996 Topps Chrome Eddie George #162 [GRADED PSA 9]
    1996 Bowman’s Best ATOMIC REFRACTOR Eddie George #173 [GRADED PSA 8]

    2005-2006 Topps Pristine COMMON PERSONAL PIECES/SILVER Danny Granger JERSEY #PPC-DG [serial numbered 010/350]

    1998-1999 Press Pass TURQUOISE Vince Carter #4
    1998-1999 Topps Chrome Al Harrington REFRACTOR #133
    2005-2006 Bowman GOLD Danny Granger #112
    2005-2006 Bowman GOLD Rashad McCants #154

    2005-2006 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Rashad McCants #146 [serial numbered 06/50]
    2005-2006 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition Luther Head #106 [serial numbered 486/999]
    2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Josh Howard #80 [serial numbered 366/799]
    2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Chris Kaman #81 [serial numbered 140/799]
    2003-2004 Flair Final Edition Brian Cook #67 [serial numbered 733/799]

    2003-2004 Topps Carmelo Anthony #223
    2003-2004 Fleer Tradition Dwayne Wade #265
    2003-2004 Upper Deck Reflections Lebron James #10
    2003-2004 Upper Deck Hardcourt Lebron James Floor #LB3 [letter B]
    2003-2004 Upper Deck Hardcourt Lebron James Floor #LB5 [letter O]
    1997-1998 Topps Chrome Tim Thomas #114
    1999-2000 Topps Chrome Corey Maggette #112
    2001-2002 Topps Chrome Gilbert Arenas #157
    2005-2006 Topps Chrome Danny Granger #166

    2005-2006 Topps BLACK BORDER Dwight Howard #70 [serial numbered 242/500]

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