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    Looking For All Miguel Cabrera I Can Find

    looking for everything of him..also looking for vlad guerrero, miguel tejada, carl crawford, and NELSON CRUZ...

    lmk what you have thanks

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    I have these but didn't see anything on your site I'd like...
    Miguel Cabrera - 2005 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Gold Jersey (solid black) /250 (#PT-22)
    Vladimir Guerrero - 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Jersey /250 (#149)

    PM me if you're interested in buying or have anything on my wantlist. Thanks, Ray

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    hey who are u interested in..that is list is not updated at all...also how much for both

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    Miguel Cabrera -
    2002 Bowman

    Carl Crawford -
    2006 UD First Pitch Diamond Stars #DS-31

    I know I have more so I'll keep looking. Interested in these? I trade for vintage but would rather sell. Let me know what you're interested in doing. Thanks!

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    2005 Studio Heritage 12 Miguel Cabrera #d/1000
    2005 Studio Proofs Gold 13 Vladimir Guerrero #d/25

    As of right now, I am only looking to sell. Would you be interested in buying either of these?

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    I really like this from your site:

    2005 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor- Craphonso Thorpe

    I have this:

    Miguel Cabrera - 04 Fleer Tradition World Series

    And this incoming:

    Miguel Cabrera - 05 Zenith EPIX Black Season /50

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