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Thread: Tradebait packages F/S

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    Tradebait packages F/S

    Will send $150 BV or more for $20 delv'd... I bought 7 collections recently and have no other way to unload so many items before our new baby arrives... If you're dissatisfied, I will refund the $ minus S/H... There's no way I'll let that happen- hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman tripping over her husband's cards! MANY lots available- buy one, examine it, and YOU WILL BE BACK to buy again!

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    No- random stuff serialed, rc, parallel... for 13% of Bv with shipping included sending AU and GU would be a bit ridiculous, what you'd get would not be TRADEABLE players...

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    This'd be a steal if someone wants $1500 worth for $175- you'll have 100+ trades from this lot, easy... E-Bayers, this one's a gold-mine...

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    OK, close it down please- I will keep an eye out for this kind of stuff and LYK- I see it almost daily

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    You can still do these but the only way we allow them is if you list what is in in each lot.

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