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Thread: Updated trade list!

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    Updated trade list!

    Looking for the usual guys, Ming and Tmac(Rockets) for my boy and Patrick Roy, autos and RC's for myself. If you don't have any of those just make an offer...any sport except baseball please

    04/05 Sweet Shot:
    Luol Deng RC 249/1250
    Donta Smith RC 805/1250
    Andray Blatche purple RC 213/250
    Antoine Walker purple

    05-06 Topps Chrome:
    Andrew Bogut Premium Performers jersey (pur)

    05-06 UD Rookie Debut:
    J.R. Smith Debut Ink auto

    05/06 Sweet Shot:
    Andray Blatche RC 754/1599
    Will Bynum RC 997/1599
    Wayne Simien RC 825/1599
    Joey Graham Signature Shots auto
    Gilbert Arenas SS Jersey 10/50
    Julius Hodge Sweet Swatches 5/99

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey i like these 2, what are the bvs? check my tradelist under view my "tradelist"
    J.R. Smith Debut Ink auto
    Joey Graham Signature Shots auto

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