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    Topps customer service information

    Does anyone know an email address to Topps cusotmer service?

    Here's my issue:

    I bought a sealed retail box of 04 Bazooka football....sealed!
    Inside, the pack that contained my GU card was open. Yes, the
    GU card was there (it was crud but it was present).
    I'm still miffed that the pack was open. It was the only opened pack.
    Now granted if the GU card hadnt been crud, I probably wudnt be
    as disappointed. So...whatta yall think.

    Do I have a valid reason to contact Topps?


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    Honestly, I think Topps is one of those companies that dont have an Email. And I dont think theyll do anything for ya in that situation.

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    Topps doesnt have a customer email. You can only send your problem with a letter to them explaining. Personally, I dont think you have a reason to send them anything. If box odds were off, or you got a damaged card then yes, you should send it in. But in your case you got what was stated, sometimes packs dont seal all the way.

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