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Thread: KSA Grading

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    KSA Grading

    I just received this 76/77 OPC Salming graded KSA 10. It was listed on Ebay and it is actually a different copy of the KSA 10 that was listed. The issue is currently being resolved between the seller and I.

    But the ebay problem is not what my thread is about. I wanted to show how poorly this card is graded... Sure the corners, edges and centring is great but the surface is TERRIBLE. Check out the major gash in the card between the L and the E in the word MAPLE. There's also a bunch of surface scratches visible in person. Sure grading is very subjective and ALL the companies have their issues but this is bad.

    Goes to show that you can't blindly trust the grade on the slab, make sure you check out the card itself before you buy.

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    the card in the thread here is your card?
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    Yes this is the card that I received today. I will be returning it because it isn't the same one that was pictured in the eBay listing. If the quality of the card was the same as the one I purchased it wouldn't be an issue but it is quite poorer.

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    I would have to see all other copies to compare. If all the cards have that gash, then perhaps it is one of the better ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    I would have to see all other copies to compare. If all the cards have that gash, then perhaps it is one of the better ones.
    No they don't. Here is the copy I actually ordered, but didn't get:

    And here's a photo of a copy I already have. No gash.

    These could be two exceptions but likely not.

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    Yes, grading is subjective and yes, all of the companies have their issues.

    Personally, I love KSA West. All of the cards I've had judged by Peter there have been graded one or two numbers lower than I'd hoped for, and always with a detailed explanation.

    I took my PSA 3 Newsy Lalonde RC and cracked it open and took it to Peter because I wanted the cases to match my other two C-56 cards. He graded it a 3. So yah, I got no problems with KSA West.

    KSA EAST tho.......... I bought a KSA 10 OPC Ken Dryden RC from a guy, when I got it I could see with my naked eye that it had been trimmed. The ruler confirmed 3mm. I got refunded.

    I'm going to assume your Salming was graded by the same person.............
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    I saw many GEM Mint from KSA that did not make sense to me other did make sense. So I would not pay a premium for KSA. Again grading is subjective but I did see some from KSA that make you wonder why they got the grade that high. Of course, in card show, you always end up hearing some rumor that some would accept money and I do suspect this can be true from certain person but corruption does exist and can happen in any company. So not saying this is happening but with human it's always a possibility but hard to Prove. But saw to many from KSA for me to trust this company like I trust PSA. But Richard make a good point, it's the person that is a good grader. This is why you can see some difference. But you will not see as many GEM Mint in PSA as you see ion KSA and to me this is a red flag. Also not all companies check for trim cards but you can be sure PSA does.
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    The seller is going to replace the one he sent with the one in the listing. Although I am quite a bit more weary of KSA after this... We'll see what the other one looks like after it arrives.

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    Sorry about that. I just don't even consider anything unless BGS or PSA, and I'd prefer BGS. To me, KSA is like me starting "Mike's Grading Company", not at all accepted in the hobby, a joke.
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    I disagree. KSA has been around for a very long time and is a reputable Canadian grading and authentication company. Issues occur from time to time no matter what company you choose including BGS and PSA. All three are reputable companies.
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