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    03 Gridiron Kings break - FT - 2 boxes

    My local card shop was running a special on these boxes so I had to buy his last two.
    Here are the highlights.
    Bronze#6 Warrick Dunn$2.50
    Bronze#42Marvin Harrison$4.00
    Bronze#139Jimmy Kennedy$4.00
    Bronze#157Don Maynard$6.00
    Silver#63 Kerry Collins$4.00
    Royal Expectations#RE6Dallas Clark$2.50
    Heritage Collection#HC7Don Maynard$4.00
    GK Evolution#GE9Priest Holmes$5.00
    Royal Expectations Materials Silver#RE8Kelley Washington$6.00
    Royal Expectations Materials Silver#RE3Carson Palmer$25.00
    Gridiron Cut Collection#GC59 Priest Holmes JSY/375$15.00

    Box 2:
    Bronze#41Edgerrin James$4.00
    Bronze#78Antwaan Randle El$4.00
    Bronze#120Andre Johnson$8.00
    Bronze#156Doak Walker$6.00
    Silver#35Ahman Green$6.00
    Royal Expectations #RE14Taylor Jacobs$2.50
    Heritage Collection #HC15Joe Montana$15.00
    GK Evolution#GE24 Dan Marino$12.00
    Team Timeline#TT10Warren Moon/David Carr$6.00
    Donruss 1894#MC50Andre Johnson$5.00
    Gridiron Cut Collection#GC47Anthony Thomas JSY/375$8.00
    Gridiron Cut Collection#GC81LaDainian Tomlinson FB/275$10.00
    Royal Expectations Materials Gold#RE10Larry Johnson$25.00

    Not bad, but no auto. I never pull autos.
    Lots of basecards too if anyone happens to be working on this set.

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    id be interested in base rookies of larry johnson, brandon lloyd, troy polomolu or chris simms (not sure if simms has a card or not)

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    I did pull a B.Lloyd, put that it so far. Do have another box to look thru that I bought a month or back. Give me a few. Also, are you just looking for those player's RCs from Gridiron?

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    looking for any rookies of those players i dont have...but not interested in press pass / sage / or other REALLY low end stuff...lmk what you may have

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    Outside of the B.Lloyd Gridiron ($4), I have a L.Johnson Ultra RC ($15), A L.Johnson Gridiron RC (Silver parallel-$20) and a C.Simms Pristine Ref RC ($10)

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    i need the ultra LJ, dont need the GK silver unless it is serial #d, i could use the simms if it is the one #/499....lmk

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    theproudestmonkey- I was looking thru your wantlist. If you've not already got one, I have an 05 Playoff Prestige DraftPicks C.Williams #DP6.

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    i could use either/both larry johnson (they gotta be in mint condition - crisp corners, clean edges, centered)....i do need the caddy also

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    The LJ GK is mint. I have 2 LJ Ultra RCs. Both look good, but I make sure I send you the best one. You want the B.Lloyd too, right?
    So I got you total BV in trade at $51 including the Caddy.
    Before I begin my look at what I'd want in return, is anything off-limits.
    I would like a GU item in return.

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