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Thread: Selling these rookies

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    Selling these rookies

    All of these are for sale. I need the money for future college plans. They aren't much but I will take the best offer. Thanks in advance.

    91 ProSet- Raghib Ismail

    94 Stadium Club- Marshall Faulk (x2)

    94 Topps- Quadry Ismail

    94 Topps- Natrone Means

    94 Topps Rick Mirer

    97 Ultra- Corey Dillon

    99 Metal Universe- Ricky Williams

    99 Skybox Domination- Williams

    99 Stadium Club- Williams

    99 UD MVP- Williams

    02 Girdiron Kings- William Green

    02 Gridiron Kings- Kurt Kittner

    02 Gridiron Kings- Lamar Gordon

    02 Score- Portis

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    How much for the 97 Corey Dillon?

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    im hoping the Dillon may go in a larger lot because it only books for $3. Shipping in a bubble mailer would cost more than the card would sell for. Lmk if you still want it.

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