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Thread: Pennington

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    that is too bad he is out for sao long. 12 weeks? jeez. the jets might be on the way down with Testaverde. i feel bad for jets fans, and i am a packer fan, wut do you guys think?

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    Steelers Fan here, so I don't care!!! Just kidding, it always sucks to see superstars go down. Specially "fan-favorites" like Pennington. From what I've seen of him he's not only a talented athlete but also a great guy. Plus he's from Marshall (West Virginia) so I gotta show some respect. :D

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    I am a Giants fan, but if they don't get too far or aren't playing, I want the Jets to win. It's sad to see Pennington injured like this. Hopefully it doesn't effect his career as he has a solid one ahead of him.


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    Skins Fan, I like Pennington and don't like to see anyone get hurtm, but on the other side we do play the Jets on the opening thursday night game and I really like our chances with him out!

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    They actually said there is a small chance he misses the whole year. Tough break for him...

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    Originally posted by bootydaddy
    They actually said there is a small chance he misses the whole year. Tough break for him...
    Yeah, let's hope he's alright. I doubt the Jets will use Testaverde the whole time. I wouldn't want him running the team for that long!


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    Hey I'm a Steeler fan too! Anyway I actually living in NJ see alot of Giants and Jets games and have grown to like Pennington alot. It's a tough break for him and his team. As far as their quarterback situation goes they will probably start Testerverde for more than half the games.

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    yea it is too bad, i hate the jets, just that i only enjoy watching pennigton play. hes a good kid.

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    I think the Jets should continue to do ok.

    Testaverde is not that bad of a backup

    now the question is: why was Pennington in there for so long??

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