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    Free ITG StickWork break for the SCF Community

    EDIT: This break is now complete, please see post #117 for the final results.

    Howdy folks,

    I'm sure some of you know me as that guy with the OCD who needs every Sedin card in existence. As a self-confessed hoarder and purchaser of single cards, I really miss the thrill of opening packs of cards. Since I started the Sedin collection 15 years ago I have broken exactly one box - Captain C. Having seen all the sneak previews from the good doctor, I'm really excited about StickWork... While all the manufacturers make nice cards for my PC, few products jump out as fun ones to break, but I can't resist this one. Now being purely a Sedin collector, I've got no real interest in keeping the cards (trust me, I do not want to start a new PC, I know myself better than that!), so I've got a couple boxes on preorder with Derek at OT, and would like to do a free break for the communities at my two 'online homes' SCF and HI.

    If I hit a Sedin (hopefully they're included in the set Dr Price?) it's mine, but anything else I pull I would like to go to a good home. So, from now until I do the break, feel free to reply to the thread with whatever specific cards, players, or teams you collect and I hope to make a few collectors out there happy!

    The fine print... no cost to enter, absolutely free break, the cards are free and I'll cover the postage anywhere in the world... I will choose the lucky recipients in as fair a manner as possible, perhaps there's only one obvious super colllector for a card, in other cases we might have player and team collectors interested in which case I'll use some random means to choose a winner... we're on the honour system, counting on folks to submit players/teams they would love to add to their collections hoping we don't see these cards being flipped on the bay the next day... there's lots of time to reply to this thread, feel free to wait for the final checklist to come out before letting me know what you are interested in, I will update this first post as we get closer to the release to let y'all know what the deadline is to get your requests in... I know many of you are members on both sites, you only need to reply on one.

    As I'm a digital as well as physical hoarder, please reply with requests for cards you are interested in and/or questions to the thread only and not by pm to save my inbox quota. Wish everyone luck, really looking forward to the break, and maybe do this again in the future if another ITG product catches my eye.
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    If Gino Odjick is in this set, I'm interested by anything you can pull of him.

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    If you pull any Zdeno Chara or Dustin Byfuglien cards I would appreciate them greatly.

    And good luck pulling some nice Sedins for yourself. It's always great to pull a pc card and not have to resort to buying it :)
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    Would love a shot at any blackhawks you may pull, thanks!!

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    Ovechkin, or any leafs please :)! And this is a great idea; thanks so much!

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    I'd love anything Montreal CAnadiens
    1- P.K Subban - Vlad Guerrero (Expos)
    2- Montreal Canadiens Centennial auto'd (current count: 125)
    3- Brian Gionta 10-11 Panini Certified Mirror Emerald, Black and Big men jersey auto
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    DUDE!!!! Awesome Idea

    Any Roy/Subban/Price.... you know I would have a good home for them.

    I promise to feed them, and walk them and play with them...
    Looking for Patrick Roy, PK Subban, Carey Price, SPX SHADOWBOXES (ANY YEAR), Black Diamond Cup rings (Any year)

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    If you need a home for any Sabres, specifically Hasek/LaFontaine/Perreault, I'd take them off your hands. Not even sure if there are any in the CL, but if there are.

    I seriously can't believe how generous this place is. So much more than the automotive forums that I am used to. OP, awesome offer!
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    I would be totally interested in any Sakic or Kessel cards you pull.



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