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    05/06 Allen Iverson Bazooka Signs Auto for $50??

    Is this a good deal? I cannot find this card anywhere, not on beckett, ebay or naxcom. BV is N/A. Is this a steal?

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    saw it at my local card shop yesterday, hopefully when i go back there today there isnt an extra 1 in front of it

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    buy it on
    on ebay its going for 64 bucks

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    Fordman, pick t up. I have a nice Reggie Miller auto I can put towards in :)

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    I got it today. I traded in a Chauncey Billups GU that i got for $1 and 2 base #ed cards of Rip Hamilton and Ben Wallace and he knocked $15 off the price so i got it for $35.

    I will be interested in the Miller Auto if it is serial numbered. LMK, otherwise i will probably put it on the bay

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