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Thread: Looking To Buy

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    Looking To Buy

    hey, kinda bored so i figured i'd see whats around. looking to buy autos. would like a link to look at because i'm not really into certain players, just anything that catches my eye. i can pay with paypal or whatever you want except check, lmk what you got, thanks.

    also looking to buy some new one touch holders for my pc cards, lmk if you have any new, thanks.
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    check my bucket under autos ft and jersey/patches ft

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    vickfan7-hey, very nice stuff, but nothing i could use, thanks.
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    legends-hey, a lot i could use, mainly these 4 lmk the condition/bv/and price for these:
    jevon kearse auto
    ahman green jsy auto
    carl crawford jsy auto
    ryan howard jsy auto
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    footballcardmn-hey, everytime i click on something, nothing pops up.
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    2005 Gridiron Gear Auto Jersey /50- Shaun Alexander for 45 dlvd
    2005 Reflections Gold Auto /89- Larry Johnson- 37 dlvd

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    McNabb, I don't know what to say, try typing it in the address bar.

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    illinifan11-hey, whats the bv/condition/price on your 2005 spx dom davis jsy auto/50? lmk, thanks.
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