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    Have 60-70 dollars for a nice auto

    Hey i have about 60-70 dollars that I can do Money Order for a nice Auto.
    Im not seeing a ton of stuff on the bay.

    Laurence Maroney, Chad Jackson, Ben Watson, Braylon Edwards, Steven Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, and other Pats autos or just any nice autos that I might like.

    Id really prefer the first two mentioned the most as there really isnt any higher end stuff now on ebay for Maroney or Jackson that ive been seeing.

    LMK guys, thanks

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    bump.....................someone has got to have something they are willing to sell

    The football board is too quiet lately

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    I only have 2 Pats autos I can offer you and they are nothing too special, (obviously not for all the $$ you have) but if you need any other teams autos like Red Sox I have 1, or??
    LMK and I can see what I have...
    Here are the Pats autos:
    Cedric Cobb (auto) 04 UD Pro Sigs SN# 23/25 SC-CC bv $60

    Matt Cassel (auto) 05 UD SP Authentics SN# 099/850 #217 bv $25

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