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Thread: Some cards for sale

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    Some cards for sale

    I have these for CC:
    2000 Fleer Metal Universe Manny Ramirez - 35 CC

    Asdrubal Orapeza, Albenis Machado, Angel Berroa!, Andy Beal, Randey Dorame, Kenny Nelson, Enemencia Pacheco, Royal Rookies RCs. I will sell them all for: 100 CC


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    Am also selling 2002 Playoff Abs. Memorabilia base cards.

    Just let me know who you need.


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    id take some of those playoff base cards...who do you have and how much do you want for them?

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    wait are we talking base as in "basic" or base as in "game used base"
    i think i might have misunderstood your post...

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