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Thread: Really need cash

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    Really need cash

    Ok ive got these card and I really need to sell
    Ive got a 2002 SPX Joey Harrington RC Incoming. these things are hot!!! LMK
    2002 Bowman Chrome XFactor rookie numbered out of 250 of Patrick Ramsey its worth 50.00$ I could sell for 20$$
    2001 Shirts and Skins Michael Bennett jersey/ball numbered out of 50 worth 65.00$$ I could sell around 30$$.
    All these prices are negotiable
    2001 Prospect Premieres Casey kotchman auto rc worth 80$ could probably sell half price.
    Ive got many others but this is what Im looking to sell

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    Maybe but I couldnt sell it that cheap. Lemme find the bv on it though

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