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Thread: Anyone have paypal??

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    Anyone have paypal??

    I see a majority of people try to sell on here but not buy!! Are there any buyers out there??
    Here is my site if you don't like the price make an offer

    Buy Cards Get Money Back

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    I am looking to buy, but before we go anywhere, would you agree to send first if I make a purchase given the lopsided feedback

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    Well i guess it depends on how many cards you want, what cards are you interested in? We have been in business for over a year and have made all our customers satisfied.

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    I only want one card, looking to pick up a nice auto for my PC, I noticed your vast player list so before I started going over them all I just wanted to touch base with you,gimme a few to look around and I will get back to you,thanks for the quick reply,and do you have a Roger Staubach auto in stock off the top of your head?

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