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    Question about 1996 Fleer Baseball

    I have some cards of 1996 fleer baseball that i was going through today and i came across something interesting. The normal fleer cards are not glossy and are kind of rough. I came across a derek jeter card that was glossy and was shiny. I looked on the back of the card to see if it was a tiffany but there was no writing that signified that it was a tiffany. the only two possible things it could be is a tiffany or a base card according to beckett online price guide. It looks and feels completely opposite of the base cards though. Is this the tiffany card even though it isn't stated on the back?
    I have a tiffany card from 1997, but it the player's name is in kind of a holofoil print and it says tiffany on the back..
    any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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