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Thread: This is Bull Crap!

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    This is Bull Crap!

    ok i wanted to bid on this Terrence LOng auto cuz its was a good price but look how he signed it! its a buncha bull crap

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    Why is it bull crap? He signed it a lot neater than many other players do.


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    Cause look at this one!!!! same card i hate how players do that this is his "real" autograph

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    Well, that's true. The second one looks better. I really like T. Long's auto (not the first one).


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    Funny how he would sign his name once, and then print his name another time. But, at least you know it's him...

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    Looks to me lke a little kid signed his name on hte first one there.... some one trying to make money huh?......

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    I thought this was going to be about Paypal's new email.
    Now that's Bull Crap!!

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    It's actually a variation. Donruss/Playoff came up with these "variation" autographs in 2002, I believe.

    They've had these variation auto. cards in the past year or so, where they would ask a player to put his nickname, major league debut, uniform # or something unique in addition to signing cards with his normal autograph. The "T. Long" printed autograph is one of those variations. It ain't pretty, but it's a variation.

    Here's article on autograph variations:
    Autograph Variations Found

    Hope this helps explain these strange-looking autographs.

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    hey Bob....thanks for that info!!! That helps me alot, as I only collect autos and I would have been leery of the T.LONG myself!!

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