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Thread: topps chrome cards bending

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    Cool topps chrome cards bending

    hi about 2 weeks ago i picked up some topps chrome basketball from Target and there were some pretty increadible bends in the cards from the top or bottom going from left to right. so because of this do they lose there value and depending on how much they're bent how do you get them into a toploader without bending them the other way. i know must of the chrome products have some bend but what % have really bad bends because these are so bent i dont think i can get them in a toploader without bending them the other way. finally does bowman chrome also do the same thing

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    I have some that a pretty bent but they're not hard to get into a toploader. Just get a bit of one corner into the toploader then push the bottom of the card straight while pushing down. The rest of the card should follow. It shouldn't damage it if you straighten it... it would need to be bent in a pretty big amount the other way for it to get hurt. Maybe try with a junk card to be safe.

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