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    Question Need help IDing a Lebron Rookie?

    Have you seen one?

    Also, is it rare?

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    it not a base it a topps collection



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    I believe the gold foil ones came out of the factory sets didn't they?

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    Is it the Topps Collection or Topps Contemporay Collection.?The Topps Collection Gold Foil Highlight is only $1.50 for common rookie but list 2 players as 2.50, Korver , Walton..Feb. '06 Beckett

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    it is the Topps Contemporay Collection

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    Yours is not the contemporary collection. Those are thick, have a refractor front and silver foil. Like this.

    Yours is from the topps factory set.

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    ok guys, to get this straight, it is:

    2003-04 Topps Collection LeBron James RC

    It is NOT Topps Contemporary Collection. Topps Collection has gold lettering and logos, I know b/c I have a bunch of Topps Collection I got from random blister packs. Topps Contemporary Collection LeBron James RC is like BV $60-80 or something like that. Hope I got that straight for ya all.
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    darn it thought it would be rare

    is it wierd that i got 2 in the set>?

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