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Thread: Luxury Box Break FT/FS

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    Luxury Box Break FT/FS

    I just busted a box of 05/06 luxury box.Here are the goods.
    rcs-Linas Kleiza
    Julius Hodge
    Sarunas Jasikevicious #d to 100
    Raymond Felton
    CJ Miles

    GU-Triple Sonics GU,Allen,Lewis,Ridnour
    5x gu Pacers,Tinsley,Granger,Oneal,Foster,Jasikevicious
    One man show Michael Redd
    Kirk Heinrich gu

    Orien Green

    Box Topper-Industry Anchors Dwyane Wade

    All cards are FS/FT

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    Racha, my AIM isn't working. Whats this wade auto u got and is it ft or FS? If so check my site or give me a price

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