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Thread: Selling Mostly Everything

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    Selling Mostly Everything

    everything in my list and bucket are for sale.besides the topps chrome pujols rc and the auto,as they are pending.please let me know what you like and respond here or pm me,i am only taking money orders or cash at this time,thank you!

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    Price on the Howard L13 and the CJ Miles SPX please

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    Price on Chris Paul Auto Focus and Pujols UD RC

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    swill i can do 7.50 DLVD on those with dc and padded mailer
    advan24r - the paul is being held,i can sell the pujols for 40 DLVD with dc and padded mailer,plz pm if you are interested,its hard to keep track of all the replies,lol,thanks!

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    bump for replies,prices left for all,plz lmk,thank you!!!

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    its currently being held,but im asking for around 90-100 on it,books 160 and sells well

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    well if the person ur holding for doesnt take it.check my site tell me if you like anything so we can trade thank you

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