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    Need To Sell!! Some Nice Autos And Stuff! Please Come In!

    Alright. I need to sell some cards for a few upcoming auctions. Please check my site below, and also, I can only accept paypal at the time.

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    bump for the night, really wanna sell some things so please help me out...

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    i am interested in the CJ miles rc auto, Webster finest rc's, david lee auto lmk prices

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    alright, here are the recent ebay sales:
    spa cj miles- last one sold 7 dlvd- i guess i could do like 6.50 dlvd
    spx david lee- last one sold 8 dlvd- could do like 7.50 dlvd
    finest websters- none have sold recently, so here are estimates:
    /599- $4-6 dlvd
    /59- $10-15 dlvd

    And, I could always add these things to the package and into the trade...

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