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Thread: Is This Card A Fake??

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    Is This Card A Fake??

    The logo on this card looks like it's been simply glued onto it. But the description doesn't say that's it's handmade. What do you think?

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    Looks homemade to me. Fleer always prints 'Game Used Jersey' or something under the swatch.

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    I just contacted the seller about it and he said this:

    "I bought it several years ago and the back says logo jersey custon made by patchcards pros"

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    I just pm'd him and asked to see a clear view of the back...

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    Its right up there with boxing Gu's You interested in a Mike Tyson Gu 1/1 with a brown swatch?

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    haha IDK it looks really fake but fleer isnt the best card company either so IDK

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