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Thread: Sp Authentic Box Break!!!

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    Sp Authentic Box Break!!!

    I paid $74 for the box on Ebay and thats as low as ive seen them so I couldnt pass it up.
    Not too good of a break though and im looking to sell it all for paypal.
    Here is what I got:

    Ryan Gomes Auto rc /1299
    Andray Blatche Auto rc /1299
    Eddie Basden rookie /1299
    (2) Lebron base (ive got about 15-20 Lebron base if anyone wants to buy some)
    Jordan base

    Ive also got a Ike Diogu Sp Authentic Auto rc/1299 and a Deron Williams Ultimate Collection Auto rc/250 im looking to sell.

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    i would be willing to trade for the gomes auto... check my site below if you are interested in trading.

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    I am interested in some Lebron base. Check out my tradepage. I can put up a few game used, but nothing like Iverson, Tmac etc.

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    im mostly looking to sell at this time unless something I really like pops up.

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    Ive got a scan of the 3 SP Autentic autos previously listed as well as a 05-06 SP Signature Edition Amir Johnson auto.

    If anyone is interested I will sell these 4 autos for 35 in paypal delivered.
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