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Thread: Gridiron another winner??

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    W/e the link is didnt work for me. Needed decoding or something.

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    weird it works for me? dont understand that anyone else having that problem?

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    you need adobe acrobat to read it. it's a pdf file

    looks like a winner! Gotta love the LT / Theisman dual. Wonder if they'll make an auto of it? That would be cool. That barry sanders auto/dual looks nice too.

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    yes the product looks awsome im gunna get 2 boxes most likely i wonder wat itll sell for to begin

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    Looks Sweet!!! Love the Barry Sanders Dual Auto. When does it come out?

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    Squeduled for release October 18 Ships October 9th cant wait

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    I think I found a new product I`m gonna go after. :)

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    this one looks even better than the last...if its not too much above $100 i think i'll get a box!

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