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    2003 NBA Draft Redo. Who'd your team take?

    Since ESPN and ABC are all over the story line that Wade is the first of the 2003 draft class to lead his team to the finals, I went back and looked at who else was chosen besides the obvious selections. Obviously Cleveland would still take LeBron, but would Denver still take Carmelo over Wade? And would Detroit have taken Darko over... well... Detroit could have taken a cheesburger and fries with the 2nd pick and still come out ahead instead of Darko. Imagine where Detroit would be with any of the players drafted behind him... Toronto would still take Bosh because Wade and Carmelo would still be gone.

    And since we have a few days between games, I thought it could be interesting to see what happens if your team could magically re-draft the 2003 players today.

    So now who jumps up? Obviously Darko drops maybe to late 1st round or maybe even 2nd round. Josh Howard moves up. The Clippers still take Kaman (probably) but where would Boris Diaw go? He definitely moves up. Hinrich, Hayes and Sweetney probably slide a little since Howard and Diaw might be chosen ahead of them. TJ Ford would probably still be taken by the Bucks since they'd still need a PG. And the rest of the first rounders don't really make a lot of impact on their teams, at least not in relation to the hits of the draft like Wade, Carmelo, LeBron, and Bosh. And you can't forget the solid players like Howard, Diaw, Kaman, FOrd, Hinrich, etc.

    Imagine your favorite team with a new player instead of the one they got in 2003 and think about how different it could be. Dallas wouldn't have Howard since he'd be long gone at their 29th pick, and some other team would be only too happy to have him.

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    u said where would detroit be if the hadn't picked darko....the question should be
    what would happen to wade and carmelo if detroit picked them probally the same as darko

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    Not quite sure, but I think Wade would go 2nd. Whole thing is, with the change of the draft in 03-04, the last 2 draft would also be severlely altered. Id also hope my Bucks wouldnt draft TJ Ford (Hes terrible, hope hes traded), but Idk who else they could get...

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    Yes, the last two drafts would be altered because needs would change, but we don't really have to worry about that ;)

    And I do disagree about Detroit drafting Wade, Melo, or Bosh. Any of those three would probably be starting now, or if not would be 6th man of the year. They wouldn't be traded to Orlando like Darko was. If Detroit thought that Darko would've developed then they would have kept him. Wade, Melo, Bosh, they would have shown the talent in practice and in the limited game minutes they would have received. Darko didn't. Sure development time would have slowed for those three players since they wouldn't have started their rookie years, but they would have more time to learn. Is either way better? Who knows? But what I do know is that talent usually wins out regardless of which way the rookie is groomed, either thrown directly into the game or by bringing them along slowly because at some point you find out what kind of player you really have.

    And as for TJ Ford, you have to remember he lost an entire year due to his back problem, so you have to figure that this year was kinda like his rookie year, or possibly his 2nd year since he didn't play that much in 03. Give him time before you give up on him. PG is a hard position to learn in the NBA. Look how long it took Steve Nash before he became an All Star, not to mention MVP. He got booed here in Dallas when we traded for him, and up until his 2nd year here he still got booed. So don't throw TJ Ford away just yet. He might not become MVP of the league, but he does have promise. Just as long as he works on his jump shot this summer. If he does, you might be surprised next season...

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    Fords Backup and my Bucks (Mo Williams) is a better player, drafted in the 2nd round. TJ cant guard anyone cuz hes too short, so most guys pop 30-40 points a game over him. Honestly, Hes gonna get shipped out of Milwaukee this year Id guess.

    As for Kaman, you think hed still fall to Clippers? Hes one of the better ones in that draft outside of Melo / Bosh / Bron / And Wade.

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    Chris Kaman. Now there's a player who looks 20 years older than he is. He single-handedly gets the vote for "Worst Comb-over in the NBA"... and Hulk Hogan called, he wants his hairstyle back.

    Ok so that was a little off topic, but he's a pretty good center despite the horrible comb-over. When he sweats his hair gets messed up anyway and everyone knows he's bald anyway.

    Despite the hair problem I don't think he'd still land with the clippers but it would all depend on who detroit would have taken. My gut tells me the pistons will take Bosh since he's a good defender, a good scorer, an athletic beast, and is bigger than Wade or Melo. And Detroit would love his size... So if we figure detroit would take bosh, who would that leave for Toronto? Kaman would be a good fit for Toronto at this point which would leave the Clippers looking for a forward since there are no other good centers. It could be that the Clippers are the ones who end up taking Howard. If you look at the alternatives, who would you rather have?

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    Id pick Bosh over Anthony. Id pick Josh Howard over Anthony. And the way Diaw played this year, Id take Diaw over Anthony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aikman_TheGreat
    Id pick Bosh over Anthony. Id pick Josh Howard over Anthony. And the way Diaw played this year, Id take Diaw over Anthony.
    I have to disagree, Anthony is a potential superstar in the making. The only player I'd even consider taking over him in your list would be Bosh

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    Carmelo has infinitely more natural ability than Howard, except I don't think he has the heart or the will... yet. He can work at it though. Carmelo should be where Wade and LeBron are at, and given enough time he can be. But he got started on the wrong foot. He got really cocky his rookie year and didn't seem to work on his game. George Karl was right, and that he needed to work on improving things like passing, shooting, etc. Carmelo seemed to get the message this year, the only problem was he disappeared at times in the playoffs. Of course its not all his fault since his teammates didn't really help him out. Kenyon Martin... he has fallen so far so fast. What a waste of talent and athleticism. All Carmelo needs to do is look at him for motivation otherwise he could be looking at the future version of himself if he doesn't follow his coach's advice. K-Mart was a #1 overall pick, but now no one wants him. He weasled his way out of New Jersey and he screwed himself out of Denver. Unfortunately for the Nuggets, he might not be going anywhere because no one wants his poor attitude and his enormous contract. The last thing Denver needs is for Carmelo to start picking up on K-Mart's bad habits. How bad does your attitude have to suck to get suspended for the playoffs by YOUR OWN team?

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    Carmelo has a ton of potential. But potential means nothing unless it is fullfilled. And i dont think he will ever reach his full potential. But I could be wrong.

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