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    Hey everyone, I have updated my site and have everything on there, please check it out!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    2003 Corey Patterson Playoff Portraits bat/jersey 21/25 (white w/blue stripe)

    Check my tradelist or web site & lmk if I have anything you want for it.


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    Sorry, didn't see much I could use...have any extra Prior or Ramirez for trade by any chance?

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    My individual player trade lists are on my web site because there isn't enough room on this site's trade list to list them.

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    found these...let me know if we can work something out!

    UD Authentics Stars of 89
    Mark Grace # SL-MG (blue)

    Prior, Mark 2001 Fleer Platinum RC # 529

    Bazooka Red Border Chunks # 243
    Topps Heritage # 343

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    I was just looking at the Patterson cards from 2003 Playoff Prestige on and there is no listing for a bat/jersey /25. The only /25 card listed says it's just a pants card, and there are 3 combos that are listed as bat/pants.

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    I checked the card and you are is a bat/pants combo...card #118

    Here is the picture of it:

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    Ok, the regular bat/pants is $15 but an autograph /50 is also $15. Usually autos are worth more than gu so I's think the bat/pants /25 is somewhere around $20-$25

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