Selling at 1/4 book or less. Make an offer. If you don't see anything, I have many cards that are not listed, so let me know what you want. Thanks for looking.

Baseball List
Alex Rodriguez- 2000 E-X Generation E-X BV$6 Barry Bonds- 1987 topps #320(RC) BV$10 Barry Bonds- 1987 Donruss #361(RC) BV$15 Barry Bonds- 2002 UD Ballpark Idols Playmakers BV$5 Barry Bonds- 1999 Black Diamond Dominance BV$25 Brooks Robinson- 1971 #300 BV$20 Derek Jeter- 2005 Leaf Press Proofs Blue #33/75 Derek Jeter- 2003 E-X Diamond Essentials Not Priced due to Scarcity Gary Sheffield- 1997 Collectors Choice The Big Show (World Headquarters Edition) Kirby Puckett- 1993 Fleer Team Leaders BV$5 Mark McGwire- 1999 Topps Chrome Home Run Heros Mike Piazza- 1999 Ultra Season Crowns GM BV$15 Mike Piazza- 1998 UD3 Power Corps Randy Johnson- 1996 Studio #73 Roger Clemons- 1996 Donruss Press Proof BV$22.50 Roger Clemons- 2003 UD Patch Collection MVPs BV$10 Ryan Sandberg- 1994 Sportflics Movers #MM2 Sammy Sosa- 1990 Fleer #548(RC) BV$8 Sammy Sosa- 1990 Donruss #489(RC) BV$8 Sammy Sosa- 1997 Upper Deck Power Package BV$8 Sammy Sosa- 2000 E-X E-Xceptional Red BV$10 Tony Gwynn- 2001 Donruss Elite Title Waves BV$8 Tony Gwynn- 2003 Donruss Elite AT Career Best BV$5 Vladimir Guerrero- 1998 SPx Finite#299 8942/9000 Vladimir Guerrero- 2001 UD Peoples Choice BV$4 Vladimir Guerrero- 2003 Donruss Sig. TT BV$5 GU, Jerseys, etc. Juan Gonzalez- 2001 Pacific Private Stock Game Gear BV$15 David Wells & Jorge Posada- 2002 SPx GU BV$15 Pat Burrell- 2001 SP Game Bat ed. Piece of History BV$10 Jose Valverde- 2001 Topps Traded Rookie Relics BV$10

Basketball List
Insert, #'d, singles, etc. Allen Iverson- 96-97 Collectors Choice #301(RC) BV$2 Allen Iverson- 96-97 Metal #201(RC) BV$5 Allen Iverson- 96-97 Z-Force #151(RC) BV$3 Allen Iverson- 96-97 Topps #171(RC) BV$4 Allen Iverson- 97-98 Fleer Rookie Rewind BV$6 Allen Iverson- 98-99 Skybox Premium B.P.O. BV$2.50 Allen Iverson- 99-00 #60 BV$2 Allen Iverson- 99-00 SP Authentic Maximum Force BV$2.50 Allen Iverson- 99-00 Topps Chrome Highlight Reels BV$3 Allen Iverson- 99-00 Upper Deck Wild! BV$6 Allen Iverson- 03-04 E-X #27 BV$2 Allen Iverson- 03-04 Fleer Authentix Club Box BV$22.5 Allen Iverson- 03-04 Fleer Platinum Big Signs BV$3 Baron Davis- 03-04 Fleer Authentix Balcony BV$9 Bill Bradley- 74-75 Topps BV$10 Clyde Drexler- 96-97 Metal Steel Slammin’ BV$10 Dirk Nowitzki- RC's-(UD Ionix #69 BV$12, Skybox Premium #255 BV$12, Skybox Molten Metal #35 BV$12, Finest #234 BV$10, and Flair #16 BV$8) Gary Payton- 03-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection # 727/750 BV$6 Jerry Stackhouse- 96-97 Bowman’s Best Cuts BV$8 Kenyon Martin- 02-03 Topps Chrome Refractor BV$6 Kobe Bryant- 03-04 Skybox LE Sky's the Limit BV$3 Kobe Bryant- 99-00 UD HoloGrFX #28 AUSome BV$12 Kobe Bryant- 98-99 Fleer Great Expectations BV$12 Kobe Bryant- 01-02 SP Authentic Spectaculars #160 #'d 360/1000 BV$25 Kobe Bryant- 02-03 Topps Xpectations #165 #'d 299/750 BV$10 Kobe Bryant- 96-97 Metal #181 BV$6 Paul Pierce- 02-03 Topps Chrome Refractor BV$6 Richard Hamilton- 99-00 Ultra Fresh Ink BV$12 Shaquille O’neal- 00-01 Ultra Thrillinium BV$10 Stephon Marbury- 97-98 Bowman’s Best Cuts BV$8 Stephon Marbury- 03-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection # 323/750 BV$6 Steve Francis- 02-03 Topps Chrome Refractor BV$6 Steve Francis- 02-03 UD Glass Clear Winners BV$12 Steve Francis- 02-03 UD Dunkvision BV$4 Steve Nash- 96-97 UD #280(RC) BV$2.50 Steve Nash- 96-97 UD Rookie Exclusives BV$6 Steve Nash- 96-97 Z-Force Zebut BV$15 Todd MacCulloch- 99-00 SP Authentic RC BV$10 Tracy McGrady- 02-03 Fleer Genuine Leaders BV$8 Vince Carter- 98-99 Ultra #106(RC) BV$12 Vince Carter- 00-01 Fleer Old School Raptor NNO BV$20 Vince Carter- 03-04 Fleer Tradition Milestones BV$10 Vince Carter- 04-05 Topps Chrome Black Refractor #'d414/500 Jerseys and Game Used Amare Stoudemire- 03-04 Flair Final Ed. Hot #’s Jsy. # 077/250 BV$15 Andre Miller- 00-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups BV$12 Anfernee Hardaway- 01-02 Fleer Maximum Big Shots Jerseys BV$20 Antawn Jamison- 01-02 UD Flight Team Flight Patterns BV$15 Antawn Jamison- 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition BV$12 Baron Davis- 00-01 Fleer Feel the Game BV$12 Baron Davis- 01-02 UD Playmakers PC GU # 159/350 BV$15 Baron Davis- 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition BV$12 Baron Davis- 02-03 UD Finite Elements Jsy. BV$15 Baron Davis- 03-04 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Jsy.# 211/250 BV$18 Caron Butler- 03-04 UD All-Star Weekend Authentics BV$12 Corey Maggette- 00-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups BV$12 Cuttino Mobley- 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials BV$10 Elton Brand & Corey Maggette- 03-04 SPX Jsy. BV$12 Elton Brand- 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition BV$12 Elton Brand- 02-03 UD Finite Elements Jsy. BV$15 Elton Brand- 03-04 Fleer Genuine Insider Tools of the Game # 056/199 BV$10 Elton Brand- 03-04 SP Game Used BV$12 Fred Jones- 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects RC Hot Materials BV$12 Jamal Mashburn- 01-02 UD Sweet Shot Hot Spot Floor BV$12 Jamal Mashburn- 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition BV$12 Jason Kidd- 03-04 Fleer Patchworks by the Numbers Jsy. BV$12 Kenyon Martin- 02-03 Topps Pristine Performance BV$15 Kenyon Martin- 02-03 UD Generations Reel Time Jsy. BV$15 Kenyon Martin- 03-04 Black Diamond Jsy. Gold #046/100 BV$18 Kenyon Martin-03-04 Topps Bazooka Boo-Yah Jsy. BV$12 Kevin Garnett- 03-04 Fleer Platinum Scouting Report Jersey # 079/250 BV$15 Kevin Garnett- 01-02 Upper Deck Honor Roll All NBA Authentics Jsy. BV$30 Kevin Garnett- 04-05 Fleer Showcase Playmakers Jersey BV$10 Kevin Garnett- 00-01 SP Game Floor Authentic Floor BV$15 Keyon Dooling- 00-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups BV$15 Lamar Odom- 02-03 UD Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches BV$15 Lamar Odom- 03-04 Topps Chrome Game Time Gear BV$12 Latrell Sprewell- 03-04 Upper Deck Finite Elements Jerseys BV$12 Michael Finley- 03-04 Topps Bazooka Boo-Yah Jsy. BV$10 Micheal Finley- 00-01 Topps Reserve Game Jerseys BV$25 Micheal Finley- 01-02 E-X Behind the Numbers Jerseys BV$25 Micheal Finley- 01-02 Stadium Club Touch of Class Jersey BV$20 Micheal Finley- 03-04 Fleer Platinum Portraits Jersey BV$10 Mike Bibby- 00-01 Fleer Game Time Uniformity BV$15 Mike Dunleavy- 03-04 Fleer Platinum Locker Room BV$10 Pau Gasol- 02-03 Flair Jersey Heights BV$20 Pau Gasol- 04-05 Ultra Scoring Kings Jersey BV$8 Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker & Shawn Marion- 03-04 TCC # 191/250 BV$20 Peja Stojakovic & Brad Miller- 03-04 SPx Jsy. BV$15 Ray Allen- 01-02 Upper Deck Hardcourt UD Game Film/Floor BV$15 Richard Hamilton- 02-03 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Jerseys BV$12 Shane Battier- 02-03 Upper Deck All-Star Authentics Warm-ups BV$15 Shawn Marion & Stephon Marbury- 03-04 UD AS BV$15 Stephon Marbury- 01-02 Fleer Maximum Power GU BV$15 Stephon Marbury- 02-03 Topps Pristine Performance BV$15 Stephon Marbury- 02-03 Ult. Coll. Game Jerseys Silver #037/125 BV$31.25 Steve Francis- 01-02 Fleer Maximum Power GU BV$30 Steve Francis- 02-03 UD Glass VIP Access Jsy. BV$25 Steve Francis- 03-04 Bowman Rookie Recalls Jsy. BV$12 Tony Parker- 03-04 Topps Chrome Game Time Gear BV$12 Tracy McGrady- 02-03 Topps Jersey Edition Black #'d 30/99 BV$75 Tracy McGrady- 03-04 UD All-Star Weekend Authentics BV$25 Tracy McGrady- 04-05 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Swatches # 129/171 BV$12 Tracy Mcgrady- 04-05 Ultra Point Gods Jersey BV$12 Tracy Mcgrady- 04-05 Ultra Scoring Kings Jersey BV$15 Tracy Mcgrady- 04-05 Ultra Season Crowns Jersey BV$12 Vince Carter- 03-04 Fleer Platinum Portraits Jsy. BV$15

Football List
Daunte Culpepper- 04 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Dean’s List GU JSY Peyton Manning- 2000 Fleer Showcase Super Natural BV$6 Randy Moss- 2000 Topps Own the Game BV$4 Randy Moss- 1999 Absolute SSD BV$5 Michael Irvin- 1989 #383(RC) BV$1.25