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Thread: Internet trading

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    Internet trading

    Are you comfortable trading over the internet with people you do not know?

    Yes or no?

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    Of course. If I wasn't then I wouldn't be trading :D However, you need to do research before you make a trade and that includes checking a person's references, etc.


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    if I wasn't I would have 36 successful trades...but always go with your gut feeling.

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    Exactly what Gio said....gut feeling is what its about, at least for me! I have been trading online since 2000, but, have been trading via mail since 1996....started doing so from a magazine that would print peoples wants and addys. I made 2 good friends that way. I have been burnt a total of 5 times. 3 of those times were from "good traders" or so the record said from the sites they belonged to. The other 2 were times I went against my gut feeling. I have had a few run ins as well, but you are going to have that when you deal with, but on the upside, I have met some people who have really become an everyday part of my life, and that is something awesome....even better than cards!!! :)

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    I just had my first sale, and it was a $3 card. I'm happy to start small and earn a good trading reputation. Have faith man! Watch for the feedbacks!

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    I've been ripped off once, but overall I've been happy and comfortable trading online.

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    I feel comfortable as long as I can see some evidence that the other person is not a flake (good ratings, been on for a while, etc)

    but, if it's a brand new member on here, I trade only if the other person sends first

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