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Thread: Cards for trade with scan

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    Cards for trade with scan

    Not looking for anything in particular, but will look at all RC tradelists. I only collect RC's.

    Clay S.

  2. The Card Swap
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    check out my site.lmk me what you like and do you have any players on my sig??

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    Shino only thing I can use is the Kobe Finest RC.

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    baller4life sorry didn't see anything I could use.

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    yea i got them...thought i left feedback already. would you sell the dirk chrome?

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    ya you did leave feedback. Thats right. You send me a Pack of 06 Topps DP and P and its yours. I will mail tomorrow. I can't find any of this product around here.

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    i will try to find one for you clay. i will let you know after tomorrow(have finals).

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