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    04-05 Ud Exquisite Sebastian Telfair Auto Patch /225 Fs/ft!

    I have an 04-05 exquisite telfair auto patch /225 for paypal or other 04-05 exquisite rookies. please let me know what you have. Last 2 telfairs sold 95 dlvd and 160 dlvd.

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    Its way outdated but the bv is 160. That cant be if one just sold for $160. I dunno, but are you planning on trading exquisite? If so, I usually go by sell value because beckett is outdated. The new beckett should be here sometime this week...

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    i got a new one with bron on it. this months i think and it books $160 in it

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    yea but that came alsmost a month ago. The new one comes out sometime this week. Still, where were you going with the bv on the telfair...

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    yea but they come out with the next one like 2 weeks in advance. Dude trust me on this, the july issue will come out this week. But does it really matter? get to the point. You asked the bv...

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