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Thread: WTTF: Kobe GU

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    WTTF: Kobe GU

    LMK what you got. My site/photobucket is in my sig. Just busted a box of Luxury Box, have 3 GUs left among many others.

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    hey i got a 1998 edge kobe gameball, lmk if u need that and what the book on the suns quad gameused is, lmk i want it and also have a lot of gameused from the people in ur kig, lmk thanks

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    not really interested in the ball..but do you have a GU trade list? I'm not finding it...thanks. also, lookin for $30-$35 for the Suns quad. I've had a few offers, lookin for the best one.

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    hey sorry dont have a gameused tradelist, will need to look, is there a BV out for the gameused, 35 seems high for a luxury box, i will se what i got from th people in ur trade list and get back to you, thanks

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