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    Anybody have these 06 Rookie Autos????

    Im looking to pick up some autos of these players

    Mike Hass
    Demetrius Williams
    Travis Wilson

    those 3 just off the top of the head, but other 06 rookies(offense only for now) are welcome as well

    Class Marks/Elite TOTC are main wants, but of course if there isn't one, press pass would be a want over sage stuff


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have a Demetrius Williams aspire auto.

    i would be interested in the
    2005 Sp Authentic Rookie Authentics Chris Henry Redemption Auto for the williams auto. is it redeemed or does it need to be redeeme? lmk

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    i also got a class marks greg jennings auto and a erik meyer donruss elite rookie auto if your interested.

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    no one was interested in the henry, so i recently redeemed :\

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    Got Class Mark Autos of DJ Shockley and Brett Basanez

    and a 06 Aspire Demetrius Williams

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    hi man. i got these:
    Mike Haas 06 press pass xo auto /100
    Mike Haas 06 press pass auto
    Leon Washington 06 elite TOTC auto /100
    lmk if interested. i'd love to get that ben troupe spa auto/patch if you still have it. thanks necron 9d9

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    let me know when you get the henry i want it. i will hold on to those cards if you want them and i will make the trade when you get it. pm if your interested

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    box-did you have any interest in anything?

    what values are u looking for on those?

    necron 9d9-thanks for the interest, im interested in those...but im looking for a 1 for 1 type deal on the troupe...sorry

    cmoore-i'll keep ya updated on the henry

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    mike hass sage hit me if interested

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    icesniper27- no problem, eventually i'll come up with something for that troupe...
    anyways, i also like these:
    2003 Score Inscriptions Autograph of Donald Driver
    Marvin Lewis(Bengels Coach) 2004 playoff contenders rookie ticket autograph
    2005 Bowman Signs of the Future Derrick Johnson Rookie Auto
    lmk thanks necron

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