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Thread: lucky 13's

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    lucky 13's

    how come some lucky 13's are numbered on the front xxx/500 and other are not? Are the numbered ones worth more? I pulled a maroney 183/500

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    the /500 are parallels and they are worth more than the non-numbered ones yes

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    i thought the numbered ones were hobby and the non-numbered were retail or target versions?...i just pulled a cutler out of a hobby box and its #'d to 500

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    i just posted on another board i pulled a bush #d to 500 from walmart 20 box but boy i miss that card now i traded it to a sports card shop and got 175$ in store crdeit and got a box of 06 donruss elite however i did pull a santonio holmes turn of the century auto #d to 100 but i think i may be a little sick once the lucky 13 bush is in the beckett i may be wrong but i think it should be worth a good bit but i was worried he may have a bad season and i was tryin to get a college tie auto of him but never did

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