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    Andre Dawson Autograph/Bat/Jersey /50 FOR TRADE

    I have an Andre Dawson 04 Donruss World Series Playoff All Stars Signature Material Bat/Jersey/Auto #d/50 BV $30 (This is serial #50 of 50 so looking for premium, trade at $40. I am looking to trade for another nice Auto that catches my eye in BB, BKB, & FB. If interested, please make an offer or let me know what Auto's you have for trade. Thank you

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    dont know if this is enough, but 2004 donruss world series playoff allstars steve finley jsy/jsy/jsy/auto #ed to 100


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    Do you have any other nice Auto's for trade in BB, BKB, & FB. Not really interested in that one. LMK either way. Thank you

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