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    Roy Williams (Lions) Autograph FOR TRADE

    I have a Roy Williams (Lions) 04 Upper Deck Foundations Signature Foundations Auto BV $50 for trade. I am looking to trade for another nice Auto that catches my eye in BB, BKB, & FB. If interested, please make an offer or let me know what Auto's you have for trade. Thank you

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    Check my photobucket. I'll give you a good deal for that. LMK

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    Please re-read my posting and let me know if you have what I am looking for. Thank you

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    Reread my listing and look in my photobucket under football autographs. I'll give 3 for 1

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    edygriff21: Don't need the Dillon. Thank you anyway though.

    polly4112: Like stated before. Reread my posting and let me know if you another nice Auto of equal value. Not looking for 3-4 cards. Thank you anyway though.

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    Cheapest Auto I seen of interest were the Cedric Benson Auto's, sorry. Thank you though.

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