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Thread: AU/GU Updated Tradelist

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    AU/GU/RC Updated Tradelist

    {Autos- All for trade and all are certified}

    2004 Ultimate Collection Dual Signatures Fergie Jenkins/Jim Palmer #DS-JP 1/25
    2004 Playoff Honors Vladimir Guerrero #5 7/27
    2006 Topps Francisco Liriano
    2005 UD Baseball Heroes Stan Musial #72 78/99
    2005 UD Baseball Heroes Tony Gwynn 25/99
    2005 UD Baseball Heroes Steve Carlton Red 25/49
    2005 UD Baseball Heroes Paul Molitor /49
    2001 UD Decade 70's Maury Wills(With JSY)
    2004 Leaf Certified Materials Gold Akinori Otsuka #262 6/25
    2002 Fleer Premium Legendary Dynasties Rollie Fingers 70/74
    2005 Sweet Spot Robin Roberts #RR
    2004 Topps Originals John Candelaria 13/18
    1999 SP Signature Edition Carlos Beltran #CBE
    2000 UD Ionix Authentics Scott Rolen #SR
    2005 Donruss Classics Stars of Summer Kirk Gibson #BOS-16 20/25
    2002 Fleer Greats Harmon Killebrew
    1998 UD Retro Signs of the Time Gary Matthews Jr.
    2005 Donruss Greats Tony Oliva #85
    2005 Donruss Greats Rob Dibble #69
    2005 Donruss Greats Tommy John #83
    2005 Donruss Greats Johnny Podres #45
    2005 Artifacts Autofacts Akinori Otsuka 364/599{Incoming}
    1994 Nabisco All-Star Legends Frank Robinson
    2004 Absolute Memoribila Absolutely Ink Fergie Jenkins #AI-45 10/25
    2004 UD Ultimate Signatures Gold Bobby Doerr #BD 25/25
    1999 Sports Illustrated Greats of the Game Autographs Tommy John #36
    2003 Topps Gallery Accent Mark Red Schoendienst #AMA-RS
    1999 Team Best Lance Berkman
    2004 Donruss Elite Thomas Diamond #290
    2004 Bowman Chrome Thomas Diamond #BDP168
    2003 Fleer Hot Prospects Player Graphs Hank Blalock #P-HB 127/400
    1996 Donruss Signature Series Mark Gubicza
    2002 Donruss Select Rookies and Prospects Travis Hughes #95
    2002 Donruss Studio Private Signings Ricardo Rodriguez #146 69/250
    2005 Topps Chrome Update Craig Italiano #231 BGS 9.5/AU 10

    {Game-Used- All for trade}

    2001 Topps Tribute Retired Edition Casey Stengal JSY(Pinstripe) #RJCS
    2002 Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Pants Card Frankie Frisch
    2005 SP Legendary Cuts Glory Days Bobby Doerr JSY(Stitching) #GD-BD 8/10
    2001 Donruss Studio Diamond Collection Roger Clemens JSY(Pinstripe)
    2001 UD Decade 1970's Lou Piniella JSY(Pinstripe) #J-LP
    2001 UD Gold Glove Ron Guidry JSY(Pinstripe) #GG-RG
    2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Joe Morgan BAT #B-JM
    2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Ozzie Smith BAT #B-OS
    2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Don Baylor BAT #B-DB
    2001 UD Heroes of Baseball Steve Garvey BAT #B-SG
    1999 UD Black Diamond A Piece of History Ivan Rodriguez BAT #IR
    2004 Diamond Kings Mark Teixeira Dual JSY/Bat 4/25

    {RC's- All HOF RC's/Future HOF RC's will be hard to get}

    1966 Topps Jim Palmer #126
    1966 Topps Don Sutton #288
    1966 Topps Fergie Jenkins #254
    1968 Topps Johnny Bench #247
    1981 Fleer Fernando Valenzuela #140
    1982 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. #21
    1982 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr. #405
    1983 Topps Tony Gwynn #482
    1983 Donruss Tony Gwynn #598
    1983 Fleer Ryne Sandberg #507
    1983 Donruss Ryne Sandberg #277
    1985 Topps Roger Clemens #181
    1985 Donruss Roger Clemens #273
    1985 Fleer Roger Clemens #155
    1987 Topps Barry Bonds #320(4)
    1987 Donruss Greg Maddux #36
    1989 Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. #33
    1989 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr. #548
    1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa #548
    1990 Donruss Sammy Sosa #489
    1990 Score Sammy Sosa #558
    1993 SP Derek Jeter #279

    I'm not looking for anything in particular. I AM, however, looking for Ian Kinsler RC/AU and Thomas Diamond AU's that I need. I would also trade for HOF RC's/HOF AU, and I would love to trade up for other AU's. I am willing to look at trade lists.

    Thanks for looking,
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    Hey would you still be interesed in my aki gold rc auto #d to 25 lol
    saw a few things
    2004 Sweet Spot Harmon Killebrew #HK
    feeling better about trading it now, sorry for last time whats bv on that killebrew and i also liked this 2004 Playoff Honors Vladimir Guerrero #5 7/27
    lmk bv and we can work somthing out, imm sure both of those cards carry a higher bv then the aki but we will figure somthing out

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    wow nvm on that killebrew if its the one i just looked up its bv is 100 dang haha but still would like to trade the aki

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    Nah man, lol. The BV on the Killebrew is $50, but it's pending to two people right now. If it's still available I'll PM you. The BV on the Vlad is $60, and I don't really want to trade it for the Aki(especially after he blew his second save, lol). Did you like anything else?


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    reallllly like this although yet again much more than the aki prob
    2004 Ultimate Collection Dual Signatures Fergie Jenkins/Jim Palmer #DS-JP 1/25
    also like this 2004 Upper Deck Ultimate Signatures Gold Bobby Doerr #BD 25/25

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    The Dual AU books at $60, and the Doerr books at $40. How much did the Aki book at? $40 or $50?

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    I could do the Doerr and something else small for the Aki. Could you do that? If so, did you like anything else?


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    is there anything else you could use to get the dual auto i really like it, i could do the aki and a 15 dollar gu or somthing of your choice, lmk, if not we will work somthing out

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    Do you have a tradelist that's easier to read, lol. I took a look at yours, saw some big names, but I couldn't read anything. I could the Doerr plus a $15 GU though.


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