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    Im looking for a Pujols Rookie! Please Help!!!

    I havent traded in a long time and havent bought anything because im saving up to buy a case of 2006 bowman chrome, really looking for a Pujols rookie, prefer Upperdeck, Topps, Topps Chrome, Bowman, Fleer Platinum, Bowman Heritage. Also looking for rookies of Matthew Kemp, Zimmerman, Kendrick, and Butler, Im also looking for 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects BC1 - BC110, i dont have a list made of what i need but i need alot, also have some dups to trade from 2004 BC, 2005 BCDP, and 2006 Bowman, please check my site and let me know, thanks!

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    I can get an upper deck #295 Pujols rookie thats graded BGS 9.5
    I can get you 1 or 2 of those let me know if your interested

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