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    Ricky Williams SP Authentic rookie for sale

    Hey I am new to this board I had a friend from show me this site. I am trying to sell some of my cards I jut am not in to them anymore. I have Ricky Williams SP Authentic that I would like to get rid of. I have a ton of feedback over a and my ebay name is Hoosfn if you would like to check them. Also my friend that showed me the site is pwaldo. I also will pull it out in a little bit to seel what number it is and post that. Laos of one box of cards that has a little bit of evrything in it rookies,jerseys,stars I was goign to take it up to the card shop but if anyone is interested I will give you a list of what is in there and LMK if you would like that. I am a big Tiki fan and am very interested in buying a XXL White Jersey if anyone has one forsale I have Vick XXl Jersey White I would trade for the Tiki also

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    I got an 02 flair tiki barber gold variation card numberd 21/200 21 being his jersey number. IN return ima big ron dayne fan :D. If ya have any to trade


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    The only Ron Dayne thing that I got left is a rookie SLU figure if you would want to trade the Tiki card for it I would. who else do you like if you don't want that.

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    got any 2001 invincible/atomic/vanguard cards
    or tomlinsons/brees/mcallister/moss/mannings

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    The only Manning I have left is a Fleer rookie Sensation and the only Brees I got is a Topps Pristine Uncircualted refractor numbered to #323/#349. I have few Tomlinson reg cards from last year.

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    Brees Topps Pristine Uncircualted refractor numbered to #323/#349

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    what players u lookin 4?
    or search my posts on this site have 2000+ cards listed in them

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    Damn you have ton of cards. I am mostly after former UVA players Tiki,Ronda Barber,Herman Moore or Billy McMullin since I don't have any of his cards yet

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