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Thread: New Trader

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    New Trader

    Hey, I'm new here but I have been trading online in the AOL chat rooms for over 3 years. Here is my site:

    I collect the following players:
    Ahman Green
    Nomar, Pedro Manny
    Kidd, K-Mart, and Richard Jefferson
    auto jerseys

    I also would take game used and autos from any sport from decent players, and low #ed RCs in football

    If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is
    AIM: Kidd2Jefferson

    Thanks a lot,

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    HAVE a bgs9 jason kidd 99/00 encore jersey & some rc's

    couple of nice nomar's
    95 best franchise psa9
    98 cramers chioce light blue #30/50

    01 platinum manny jersey

    many fb rookies

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    im interested in this, what is the bv and what do u want for it, lmk

    2001 UD Game Gear Freddie Mitchell 0361/1000

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    Welcome to SCF.

    Just wondering if you could list any Rod Gardner rookies, jersey, or autos u have.


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    Hey man, welcome aboard to SCF... this is a great site for trading. And that manning jersey auto is a great card for trade ;)... i dont know ifyou want some higher end favre cards for that or not but i got some good 40-60 dollar inserts i can make a list of when i get back home.


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    2002 SPx Supreme Signatures Anthony Thomas
    2002 Topps Reserve Autographs Lamar Smith

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    ICED CARDS, I could use both of the Nomars that you listed.

    great one, the Mitchell RC books for $10, I will check your tradelist and see what I want for it.

    sportscardsrulz, I have a 03 Elite Back To The Future Patch of Gardner 036/250, the jersey version books for $12. I also have the insert version of it #ed 960/1000.

    pr0phet, I usually trade game used/autos for game used/autos, so lmk what your trade list is so I could look through it, if possible.

    playmaker, the thomas is $25 and the smith is $10.

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    i have 2 nomar inserts, a numbered pedro, a manny bat. lmk if u want these

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