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    gonna auction off these baseball cards

    * bidding starts now and will end on 6/19/06 at 1:00 heres some nice cards im auctionign off....fleers,topps,upperdecks! ALL BIDS START AT 1$ the price and player!!!

    *mike mussina 2002 opening day topps-$1.00
    *hideki matsui upperdeck going deep his 1st pitch a home run-$1.00
    *hideki matsui uperdeck rookie-$1.00
    *rondell white donruss 2003-$1.00
    *derek jeter topps 04-05-$1.00
    *jason giambi topps 04-05-$1.00
    *david wells upperdeck 02-03-$1.00
    *barry bonds fleer 01-02 scrapbook his 73rd homerun card-$1.00

    ~~~~~~~~~~~PLACE YOUR BIDS~~~~~~~~~~~~

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