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Thread: Your experience with Naxcom

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    Your experience with Naxcom

    I'm trying to determine what is the best website to sell my cards on, or at least put them out there to see what kind of offers I get for my cards to see what the market is. I don't like auctions because I am afraid I will only get a tiny fraction of the value of the card.

    Is Naxcom a good site? Any of your feedback would be appreciated. It seems with that site there's no questions also when it comes to shipping charges, no payment hassles. I don't like the idea of having to pay several fees just to sell a card unless it's a high value card. I'd just rather keep them and have fun with them.

    Thanks for any info/feedback!

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    Well,if you are looking to get full BV or at least close to it,I think that unless it is a high dollar card,you may be disappointed in any site.Most people search these sites looking for bargains of 50% or less of Beckett and if it is somewhat of a common card,even less,even if it is game used or insert or whatever.Often even on the Beckett market place you can find cards for 50% or less of BV if you look for them.

    If you are looking to rid yourself of some commons,I would recommend Bidville because it is cheap and easy.

    I guess in answer to your question,it really depends on what cards you have.That will determine their market and what you may get.


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    Thanks Frank!

    I was checking out bidville. it seems there's not a whole lot of bidding that goes on there. would that be accurate? I like how there's no fees....I don't mind selling my card for less if I can avoid tons and tons of fees. It does seem like a better place to deal your $2 and under cards. Is it worth my time to list hundreds of my cheaper cards there?

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    Knight, thanks for the helpful answer! 100 CC to ya. ;)


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    I believe that site is just sort of catching on with some collectors so traffic is sporadic at best right now.I go there quite often in a hunt for the commons and inserts I need.From time to time I am even able to "steal" items at great prices because of the sporadic activity.It wouldn't hurt to list some cards and see what sort of activity you get to just test the waters.I have seen many collectors/traders list on the site and post links from their trade/home pages and end up selling quite a bit from there.They also tend to let people know on their trading site that they are running some auctions there and get even more hits.There are numerous sellers there now with over 3000+ feedback so the site is catching on a bit more.

    I would recommend using eBay for the higher priced or most sought after cards though.


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    i have had a pretty godd experience with naxcom but like knite said you will probaly be dissapointed if you are trying to sell commons. the only bad experience i had is that you have to have a credit card to buy stuff or even place an offer. i have never been to bidville is it good?

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    Originally posted by jon593
    i have had a pretty godd experience with naxcom but like knite said you will probaly be dissapointed if you are trying to sell commons. the only bad experience i had is that you have to have a credit card to buy stuff or even place an offer. i have never been to bidville is it good?

    As far as if it is good or not,maybe refer to my posts above.What I have found most helpful about that site is that anything that is not really eBay material ends up there.There are items other than trading cards there as well but I have never bought any of that other stuff...yet.From a selling standpoint,you most likely will not get much for the cards you list unless someone stumbles across it.The more you list,the more apt you are to get a "Take It" price for multiple items,thus making the sell more fruitful for you.That is genearlly what I look for,a seller that lists multiple cards from a set that I may need or want.From a set builder/buyer standpoint,I find it an excellent resource because I can buy a box or two of a product and what I need,I can usually find there to at least finish the base sets and maybe some SP's.

    Another helpful tip would be to keep your shipping costs as low as possible.Let your cards make the money for you and s/h at or just above actual cost.You will get more buyers this way.

    Again,Bidville is more of a site,at least from what I have seen,that caters to more commons and lower end SP's or inserts.


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    as far as naxcom goes, it is pretty decent because your cards can sit forever and you never have to worry about paying listing fees over and over like if you were dealing with yahoo or ebay, so you can list the price you want to sell at, the good thing, if you don't get your price then you don't sell...and you are still happy as you did not give your cards away.

    alot of people at least I do, search the price slash listing at naxcom and you can list your cards at BV and say you want at least 50% of BV then the price will decrease each day until it get to the lowest price you are looking to sell for.

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    Thanks to everybody who has responded ! It's very encouraging that so many of you are responding with positive feedback.

    Knight, you do bring up some excellent points, and I will remember them! I don't believe in charging a fortune for shipping and handling. If you can avoid all those fees like listing, final value fee, that all adds up to a good chunk of change, and if somebody is willing to pay you a respectable price for your cards, the least you can do is ship it to them at little or no cost.

    GI, I totally agree. You can list your cards and they will just chill forever. You can enjoy them while you have them (I'm not in any hurry really to get rid of my cards...the more I have them, the more I like them and want more), and if somebody out there could use your card a little more than you, you can offer it to them, and in my case, run back to the card shop and buy more packs and enjoy the MOJO! At least that is the word people on the net use!

    The thrill of opening boxes is lots of fun. Hopefully I will be able to get some of my cards out to collectors like you and I will have the pleasure to break tons of cards and have lots of fun. It's a fun hobby! And I just don't see the point in selling your cards for under the low BV, if that low. They're worth something to me. Maybe some will agree and many won't, but I can't give away my great cards.

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