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Thread: patrick jeffers?

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    patrick jeffers?

    Going through some boxes of cards and found a 99 Ultra Patrick Jeffers RC BV $6. Does this guy still play? Ive never heard of him.

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    I found this it says he still plays for the panthers but if you look at the Panthers roster or search for him on he can't be found.

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    blew out his knee..had one huge season and that was his only RC so thats why it books so much for an unknown

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    Yeah, blew his knee out and had knee surgery in 2000 which I guess didnt go well, as the link above shows, lawsuits were filed and such.

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    He was a fantasy stud in 1999 with 12 touchdowns. He has a couple of good autographs out there. He is one of the good guys that just never made the big time.

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