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Thread: Best Sticker Auto Card

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    Best Sticker Auto Card

    I think everyone will agree that hard-signed autos are better than sticker autos. Also, most high-end products, such as The Cup, Dominion, etc... offer hard-signed on all their products.

    That being said, quick question: what is the best card on the market (while avoiding 1/1) with a sticker auto?

    Crosby's SPx RC?

    Let the debate begin!
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    Are we talking best $$$ or best lookin' here??
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    If we're talking best looking, I really like ITG O Canada. Every time I pull out my Bourdon and Cherepanov, I'm surprised it's sticker.
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    I will chime in with ITG Enforcers. I am not a big fan of the set but with the stickers having that band-aid type of look and they really match the card that you do not realize that it is a sticker unless you look closely.
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    Best looking - 07/08 ITG O Canada Autosa

    Most value - Most likely one of those 6+ SOTTs
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    I agree with everyone. ITG does stickers so well you have to focus to realize there is one. They frame them quite well and they pick colors that almost make them disappear.

    Case in point:

    Sticker auto, but still a beautiful card.
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    I was also thinking about the multi-player SOTT cards. This year's Contenders had some wicked 6 and 8-player sticker auto cards as well.
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    Think you guys have nailed it already.

    ITG does a fantastic job of making the stickers blend into the design of the card. That's something that neither UD nor Panini (that I can recall) have ever done.

    But even with a design that's not quite as crisp for the stickers, you can't argue with content like this:

    Or this:

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    These are one of my favorite designs

    This not so much haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo View Post
    This not so much haha.

    They really shouldn't but stickers on after the Christmas party
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